Friday, 16 September 2011

Win a Citroen DS4

We've seen a few ad campaigns for cars recently that take advantage of the interactive devices we carry around all the time: smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks... 

Citroen is one brand that's really taking this on board, with a new interactive campaign that allows you to win a DS4. You can check out more on their Facebook page, or watch the video below for an idea of how it works: 

Good luck! 

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Friday, 2 September 2011

The New Opel Astra GTC

Until a short while ago, I didn't know that Vauxhall in pretty much every other country in the world is called Opel. According to the Wikipedia page (where I get all my knowledge), this is because Vauxhall is a UK company with a German subsidiary. Most of the models are identical across the board, but because around 80% of the cars are produced at the German factory in Ruesselsheim, the Opel brand is better-known worldwide than Vauxhall. 

Anyway, they've produced the video below to let people know about the launch; if you click through to the website, you can design your own version, change the colour and the wheels and stuff, which actually gets strangely addictive: 

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Button or Hamilton: Which camp are you in?

I was massively disappointed when Michael Schumacher quit F1. I've been even more disappointed since he came out of retirement. The man is a legend, and legends shouldn't come back to be less good than they were in inferior cars to the ones they originally drove.

Anyway, two of the current F1 main men are Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton - I'm definitely more of a Button fan; he seems more down to earth, less whiny. Hamilton has the tendency to bump into people and then whinge his way around the rest of the track: "It's not faaaiiiiirrrrr...." whereas Button just gets on with it and drives like... well, a racing driver.

Johnnie Walker put together the video below to give us an insight into the life and mind of a racing driver; check it out:

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Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Hseih Aerius: A Beautiful Electric Concept

Pei-Cheng Hseih has designed a car that might bridge the gap between people who like green cars and actual motoring enthusiasts. I can imagine Jezza reviewing it on Top Gear, maybe with that special face he makes where he stretches his mouth so far that it looks a bit like his chin is melting down his top. The Aerius would be released in 2025, according to its creator, and would aim to bring car design back into line with racing vehicles rather than little boxes.

If he pulls it off, it'll be amazing. It's a beautiful machine. But somehow I doubt we'll ever have a truly great car that runs on electricity.

Yes, OK, more pretty pictures for your delectation:

Look at that ass!

Channeling the Batmobile

You can almost hear it growling.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ferrari FF

This is way too exciting. Not content with making some of the best supercars in the world ever, Ferrari are branching out into GT sports cars. Or at least, they've released a new concept car, the FF, which will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. It stands for 'Ferrari Four', because it has four seats and four-wheel drive. It's sporty, it's exciting, it's bright red (of course) and... well, it's a Ferrari.

Mid-life crises just became a whole lot cheaper.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Tesco Compare Car Insurance

I’ve recently discovered the Tesco Compare Car Insurance website, which despite not being directly relevant to my life at the moment (my 26-year-old Volvo died a death a while ago), is certainly something I’ll be bookmarking for future use. You’d think it might be unfairly skewed towards a certain provider, but actually it’s very impartial, and a lot simpler to use than some of the competition.

All you need to do is stick your details into the form and it will generate the results. There are a number of handy features, including a jargon buster which lets you know exactly what constitutes an ‘Act of God’. Apparently lightning and earthquakes are signs of divine intervention. Who’d have known?

There’s also a list of car insurance providers, with a little blurb about each one, so you can choose the one which sounds like it’s closest to what you need. All in all, a pretty handy website – I might well head over there the next time I pick up an ancient Volvo...

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Top Gear Special Christmas Editions

...just weren't the same. There's no Stig. I know Ben Collins was mean and cruel to blow his cover, but everyone who made the slightest bit of effort to find out already knew it was him anyway. There was admittedly the birth of the Baby Stig, which was pretty fun, but the whole programme just seems to be getting less and less realistic. It was more fun when they dropped caravans on things and raced supercars around the track. Now it seems as if they believe that the only thing people want to watch is them all nearly dying on a weekly basis, which actually isn't all that fun. I like the Top Gear guys. I don't want them to die. Not even Jezza.

Hopefully Baby Stig will lighten things up again. I think it would be awesome if they actually made a child drive their reasonably priced car around the track every week. Probably illegal, but still awesome.